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2136 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps

New Parent Handbook

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2136 The Canadian Scottish Regiment
(Princess Mary’s)
Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
715 Bay Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1R1
(250) 363-8005

Parent’s Manual

2012-2013 Training Year


Army Cadet Motto
As the Maple, so the Sapling

Welcome all new cadets and parents and congratulations on choosing to be part of a nationally recognized youth development program.

The Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) is the oldest youth program in Canada serving children 12 -18 years of age. Sponsored by the Canadian Forces, funded through The Department of National Defense with support from civilian navy, army and air leagues, as well as local community sponsors and parents, Cadets is offered to its young citizens, free. It is a skill based program that prides itself on the delivery of a nationally directed curriculum dedicated to producing the leaders of our future teaching self-discipline, building confidence and promoting independence. Cadets also provides many optional opportunities for your child to learn and grow and meet other young people with similar interests in a safe environment, including band instruction and marksmanship teams.

The aim of the Canadian Cadet Organization is to develop good citizenship and leadership skills in youth, promote physical fitness and stimulate an interest in the Sea, Army and Air elements of Canadian Forces. In 2004 Army Cadets celebrated its 125th Anniversary. Currently the Army Cadet program has 450 corps and more than 21,000 cadets nationally.

I am proud to be part of a program that has produced many upstanding Canadians in all walks of life, including: Capt. Maryse Carmichael, first female Snowbird pilot, Marc Garneau and Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronauts and Canadian actor Jim Carrey.

My door is always open.

Captain Cheryl Fearn