C Scot R
2136 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps

Pipes and Drum Band

Our Program

The music program at our Cadet corps is unique in that we offer Cadets the opportunity to learn to play in a traditional Pipes and Drum band. While in the band cadets have the chance achieve music levels, Participate in summer 3 to 6 week summer band camps, and attend spring band camps.

The Junior Band is for all new members with the goal of learning all the required parade tunes necessary to play in the Senior Band. The Senior Band plays in all Ceremonies and Parades as well as coaching the Junior Band members.

When we practice

This year the Junior and Senior Band practice every Tuesday evening at the Bay Street Armory.
  • Junior Band - 1815 to 1930
  • Senior Band - 1930 to 2100
All Cadets have an opportunity to participate in the Pipes and Drums Band if they show an interest. While we do not have an unlimited amount of equipment we do go all out to get what we need for the Band Program. This program is provided at no cost and limited funds are bestowed thus fundraising will be a necessary part of the band program in order to pay for the cost of equipment and maintenance.

Who we are

Band Officer - Lt Kenneth Logan
Pipe Major - C/WO Aaron Kinshela
Drum Major - C/WO Amber Maguire

Bagpipes Instructors

  • Joshua MacDonald
  • Capt Brad McRoberts
  • Nathan Roberts
  • LS Robert Morris

Tenor/Bass Drum Instructor:

2Lt Chelsea Wilke
OCdt Sarah Bonneville

Snare Drum Instructor

OS Thomas leBlanc
Senior Pipes and Drums Band


P/M C/WO Aaron Kinshela
C/Sgt Rhianna McPhee
C/MCpl Charlotte Lee


C/Sgt Torin McClean
C/MCpl Jacob Hudson
C/MCpl Steven Kinshela
C/MCpl Dalynn Briggs

Junior Band Pipers

C/Sgt Kody Pearce
C/Cpl Kai Tissari
C/Cpl Laura Johnston
Cdt Massimo Scognamiglio

Junior Band Drummers

C/MCpl Selena Jackson
C/LCpl Thomas Jones