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2136 Royal Canadian Army Cadets Corps

Cadet Handbook

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New Cadet Handbook

2012-2013 Training Year

2136 The Canadian Scottish Regiment

(Princess Mary’s)

 (250) 363-8005




2136 CScotR Army cadets meets on Thursday evenings, throughout the school year, from 6:15pm to 9:00pm. During these times you will learn things like map and compass, marksmanship techniques and safe handling, drill (marching) and many other exciting topics related to cadet life. You will be given a uniform when you join and are expected to wear it on Thursday nights.

On Friday nights from 6:15pm – 9:00pm is sports night. All cadets participate in various sporting activities and/or will shoot the Daisy 853C air rifle after completing the required training and safe handling test. Normally, on the last Thursday of each month, the Corps will hold a Commanding Officers (COs) Parade, to recognize cadet and officer accomplishments. It is encouraged that your parents attend these parades as you may receive an award, badge or promotion





Several times a year the cadets will participate in a field training exercise, usually called an FTX. This is an opportunity for the cadets to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in the field. The cadets stay in tents in the bush for a weekend and learn survival skills, leadership, and team work and may participate in other fun activities. There is also a winter FTX once a year which may include staying up on Mt. Washington in the snow in cold weather tents.



In accordance with the Cadet Administration and Training Orders, Section 55-04, cadets are required to comply with the following hair regulations:


Hair style - Male cadets:

Hair on the head shall be:

a) neatly groomed;

b) styled so that it does not present a bizarre or exaggerated appearance, or interfere with the proper wearing of any cadet head-dress; and

c) kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm above the shirt collar


Hair style - Female cadets:

Hair shall be kept neatly groomed and shall not extend below the lower edge of the jacket collar. Exaggerated or bizarre styles or colours, including those with excessive fullness or extreme heights are not authorized. In no case shall the bulk of the hair interfere with the proper wearing of the cadet headdress. Hair ornaments shall not be worn. Every effort shall be made to ensure that bobby pins, hairpins, and similar items used to secure the hair are as unobtrusive as possible and closely match the hair colour.

Note: New cadets will be instructed on other Dress Regulations and will be expected to comply with these standards at all times while in uniform.



Smoking is prohibited for cadets during all cadet activities, in and out of uniform, at any location and at any time.

The use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol by cadets, during cadet activities, is prohibited.

Disciplinary action will be taken against those who contravene the above regulations, up to and including immediate release from Cadets. 






Attendance at Corps activities is very important for your development within the cadet program. Many rewards are linked to attendance such as summer training, promotions, and awards. It is very important that you inform the adult staff member (250-363-8005) if you will not be attending various events and activities. Among the acceptable reasons for absences include schoolwork or illness. If you tell the staff that you will attend, but do not show up for an event, a staff member will be contacting your family immediately.

Three consecutive unexcused absences may result in release from the Corps. Special leave of absence may be granted only by the Commanding Officer.




There are many other fun things that we do. Some involve extra training to join competitive teams such as marksmanship, first aid, drill, biathlon, and band. As well, the cadet corps participates in many extra activities meant to build strong bonds between the cadets and staff such as swimming, movie night, indoor rock climbing and skating.




Your safety and well-being is of primary importance to the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) that includes everyone in the program - instructors, cadets and parents. Thats why the organization developed this Prevention Program because conflicts can happen. The program provides all cadets with the information and training to avoid conflicts and what action to take should it happen.

Each corps has a minimum of one Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA) who provides Conflict Management training and acts as an advisor to help you. If you should need to see the UCCMA Officer, your Platoon Commander will advise you of whom that Officer is.




As part of the program, cadets are expected to participate in citizenship activities which may include local parades, provincial park clean-up/restoration and various support roles for other non-profit/charitable organization. Cadets are also required to fundraise throughout the year in order to cover the cost of the extra “fun” activities that we participate in. 



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